Discipleship and Mission

DICIPLESHIP _______________________________________
The first important initiative in discipleship making will be the addition to the church.  As you know, the major portion of the addition will be devoted to Sunday School/Youth rooms.  Through the “You Can Count on Me” pledge program, we set a goal of $24,000 a month to meet the 2012 budget and anticipated mortgage payments. To date, we have received $13,000 a month pledged which is little more than half to our goal.  We hope that as people become more aware of our needs and the purpose for which they are solicited, they will firmly say, “You can count on me, Lord!”

Mr. Erv Uhlman of our congregation has been trained as a “mission interpreter”. That is, Erv will help us understand where our offerings go. He reports, “The major part of our offering stays right here at home to support local ministry and mission. Some goes to support the mission of the ELCA.
Here are a few things they do with your offerings:
1. Grow 60 new mission starts.
2. Renew 163 existing congregations.
3. Share the Gospel through the work of 250 missionaries in over 50 countries.
4. Support the education of young people at more than 2,000 educational institutions.
5. Support our partnership with Lutheran World Federation, World Council of Churches and the National Council of Churches. “
Thank you all who have said,
“You can count on me!”