Do Fish Know That They are Wet?

The simple answer to the question above is “no”.  Fish do not know that they are wet, or even that they live in water, until they are ”out of it”.  Only then do they come to appreciate how important and good it is to be wet and to be in water!

In the same way human beings have little awareness of how important the surroundings they live in shape and influence their lives until, they too, step “out of it”.

The world we know is shaped by the traditions we keep, the symbols we respect, the rituals that instruct our imagination, the tribe that secure our allegiance, and the assumptions we retain as truth. Every life experience, good and bad, is to some degree a creation of the environment we live in, more than it is objective reality.

The liturgy of the church is designed to get us out of our world; I don’t mean get us to “heaven”, but to give us a different [redeemed!] perspective of who we are and the world we live in. You might say the liturgy of Sunday morning worship gives us an awareness of our “wetness” [baptized] and the environment of grace that sustains our hope, our faith, our life together.

Worship moves us out of the world we live in, and into the world God has prepared for us. That is purpose of communal singing, meditation, prayer, fellowship among believers, and the Sacraments.  They move us beyond what we know and into what God tells us is preferable and true.

If you are feeling “out of it”, don’t despair.  That is the best place to come to a realization of who you really are, and what truly sustains blessed life.

“Where are you?” “Are you aware of the affects of God’s baptismal water on you today?” “How is God using that water to sustain your life?”

Come and explore the answers to those questions with us.  Discover that we live in a sea of God’s grace.  Know that you are God’s beloved child, with whom God is well-pleased!

On a personal note:  Kris, I, Alexis and Anna thank the congregation for the many Christmas cards  we received and for the generous gift from the congregation!  God bless you all.