Foundations For The Future

We had a wonderful Easter service this year; extra special in that it included the gathering of gifts pledged to St. Mark’s ministry.  We thank everyone who responded!  This stewardship initiative will continue through this 125th Anniversary year of St. Mark’s ministry (1893-2018) and until 2020.  The resources gathered during that time will determine the size and shape of our continued ministry. So please respond!

One of our precious young women asked me on Good Friday, “Why do they call it good Friday pastor? After all Jesus’ dies!”  I reminded her of  the story of the Passover and the example it sets for all good sacrifices. In the Passover story, God required each family to sacrifice their most valuable lamb, in order to put the lamb’s blood on the door post to shelter themselves from the angel of death.  Think about that exchange.  God says, “Offer the best of what you have because I promise it will save you!” “Would you do it?” Sound suspicious!  But we learn God was true to His word. Not only did the sacrificial giving of those Hebrew families save them, but to their surprise, it also provided them a feast!  You see, the precious lamb that was sacrificed, was not sacrificed to the temple treasury, but God commanded that it be eaten by the family who gave it! In that exchange, the foundation for all Stewardship was set:  give so that God can bless you!

The giving of the best we have teaches us to trust God. To trust that whatever God requires, God returns in order to provide “a feast” of blessings that we thought we cannot afford.  A feast of thanksgiving that flows from the significance of contributing our goods, to the saving of other’s lives.

“Sound suspicious?”  Yes.  But give it a try and then tell us what happened.  Did God return to you and your family in greater measure than that which you gave?”

But before you give, remember the Passover, remember the Lord’s Supper. Remember the Lamb of God, sacrificed in order that you might live in eternity.  Then give thankfully and receive abundantly!