I sometimes worry about repeating myself, but no more. It has become clear to me that in the church, repetition is necessary for people to fi-nally “hear” what is being said. For that reason, throughout the Season of Lent this year, we are going to sing one special hymn, every Sunday. I discovered the hymn during a recent all day Bible study, led by Presid-ing ELCA Bishop Mark Hanson, Rev. Wayne Miller, Bishop of the Metro-politan Chicago Synod, and a former Old Testament professor of mine, Dr. Ralph Klein. The song perfectly fits the message of discipleship we have been proclaiming since mid-November.

The song says, “Come and See”, the first platform of our mission statement {see top of this page} That invitation speaks of Andrew who first invited his brother Peter to come to Jesus {Andrew is pictured in our “You Can Count on Me” banner}. And in its words, it reminds us of “faithful people who served You so many years ago” who invited others and grew the congregation we are blessed with today.

So that we finally “hear” the message of our steward-ship campaign, we are entitling this Lenten song, “You Can Count On Me”. I recommend you use the song to direct your own Lenten discipline.

May I recommend that instead of giving something up this year for Lent [which is many people’s tradition], that you add some good activi-ty to your life [prayer, fasting, Bible Study] which will be there for you beyond the 40 days of lent? Among those good things, why not let bringing people to Jesus, be at the top of your list?

You will find the words of our Lenten Hymn on page 5 of The Messen-ger. Familiar yourself with the words, and let them shape your Lenten disciplines. Use the hymn as a source for meditation, prayer and service to others. Remember, God’s grace is free, but it is not cheap. It must be “heard” through obedi-ence; that is, through “listening to {audiencing}” Christ.

Blessed Lenten Season!


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