My Politics

“Can I ask you a personal question, Pastor?”
“Sure”, I said. “What are you politically? A Democrat? A Republican? A Socialist? Or what?” I thought about it for a moment [that is, whether to answer or not!] and then replied, “I’m a golfer.”

I couldn’t think of a better way to describe my political posture. The game of golf incorporates the values I believe appropriately apply to social issues.

Here they are:
• You carry your own bag. If you don’t, you pay someone to carry it for you.
[Galatians 6:4 All must test their own work; then that work, rather than their neighbor’s   work, will become a cause for pride.]
• Not everyone has the same ability to perform; there is necessarily an assortment of tees [front, middle, back] based on ability. No penalty or shame in that. [It is appropriate/necessary to give some people an advantage in life].
• The golf course constantly changes, you must be able to respond to changing conditions. [Just because you have done something and it worked before, doesn’t mean it will this time or ever again. You must adjust to changing conditions or you will never succeed.]
• There are no referees in golf. Violations of the rules is the responsibility of the player themselves. [Personal integrity is far more important than any penalty or score you get fraudulently. To be sorry you got caught isn’t as important as being sorry for what you did.]
• You need to know the rules and abide by them. Any thing less is self-defeating. [Politicians work to protect the integrity of the game, not the players.]
• Mulligans [do-overs] are not part of the rules of golf, but can be appropriately given with the consent of one’s opponent. [Laws are essential, but sometimes must be ignored for the good of the game. That decision is never made by the person who benefits, but is the prerogative by the person who stands to loose by it].
• There is no shame in being a poor player, but no excuse for violating the rules of etiquette. [The law considers the fact that we are all sinners, but extends no mercy to those who won’t admit it.]
• It’s a game that by its nature WILL humiliate you and sometimes exhilarate you. Expect both! [When you are wrong, admit it and move on; elections are for those who don’t.]
• When the game is over, ladies and gentlemen adjourn to the 19th hole and discuss the best shots that were made, no matter who made them! [The score card is not the final judge of how the game was played.]
I’m off to the links now! Hope you will join me in a game sometime so we can discuss this!