New Summer Worship Opportunity

Beginning Wednesday June 1st, St. Mark’s will offer a new worship opportunity, in a new setting at a new time!  We call it WOW worship short for Worship On Wednesdays!  We hope that acronym captures the high expectations and energy that will be brought to this worship setting, and the response that will be shared by those who benefit from it.

There are several special features associated with W.O.W. worship:

* It will be held outdoors!  We hope you will bring a lawn chair/blanket and        make yourself at home in God’s natural surroundings.
* It will be on Wednesdays.  Many of us travel or have special gatherings on        the weekends during the summer.  So you that you will not have to miss, we    provide this midweek gathering opportunity for worship.
* Music will be provided by our Praise Band.  We have very gifted musicians        and singers who regularly lead the 10:30 worship service.  If you have not        yet experienced their music, this is a good opportunity to broaden your            musical horizons with contemporary Christian music.
* We are exploring the possibility of providing food/drink at some of the services for those who gather [sponsored by the Travel Club].  We hope the food will create fellowship by creating new relationships.

The Wednesday service will replace the 10:30 service on Sundays, during the months of June through August.  For the summer months there will be one service on Sundays, at 9:00 a.m. in the traditional format.

Mark your calendar!  Make plans to attend!  We look forward to an exciting new way in which to worship our Creator God in a God’s most natural setting!