Our WOW Amphitheater

One of the unanticipated blessings of our building program was a natural raised area that is ideal for outdoor worship. The picture to the right captures that space. It is just to the west of the Education Wing. Before we built that wing, we used the space it currently occupies for outdoor worship. During the time we were building the new space we tried a site in front of the main entrance, but struggled with good seating, shade, and passing cars! All those issues have been illuminated with this new space. The sun will be to the backs of the worshippers. The natural amphitheater rise of the sitting area will allow for good site lines, and the trees and buildings will almost eliminate any “outside” noise. This area is also ideal for our technology needs. There are no steps to negotiate, a nice sidewalk by which to transport equipment, and adequate and available electrical supply.

As we move into our summer worship schedule, I hope you will take advantage of this special opportunity to worship on Wednesdays, outside. We will be using the “Holden Evening Prayer” worship setting. We don’t otherwise use the evening settings of liturgy; this provides us with the opportunity to experience it. The Holden Evening Prayer is a wonderful ensemble of songs, easily sung, yet profoundly inspirational. To the Holden setting we will add the celebration of Holy Communion.

W.O.W. stands for “Worship On Wednesdays”, but it also stands for WOW!: the “excitement” of coming together in the summer evening in such a beautiful setting to worship our Creator.

We ask that you bring to worship (7 p.m.) something to sit on. That could be a blanket or your favorite lawn chair. In the event that we have inclement weather, we will move the worship indoors to the sanctuary.