Pastor Miltoria August 2017

Brothers and Sisters of St. Marks,

Wow! Our time is passing fast. We are about to enter my third month with you. Everything is going well from where I stand. I do hope you feel comfortable with me and free to come to me at any time.

So far this has been a mild summer in terms of weather, not too hot as yet.  Although the storm last week was bad, and caused a lot of problems for many of you. I do hope that things are getting back to normal. I know that other areas in Illinois got hit much harder. I thank God for taking care of us during this time.

I know we yet have August, which is sometimes the hottest month of the year. But I know we will make it through that also.

In this past month, we said farewell and God speed to Earleen and Dominic Constantino, long time members of St. Marks who moved to Topeka Kansas last week. I am sure they will be missed.

We also had to say goodbye to Jerry Haapanen who was called to his heavenly home two weeks ago and given a Christian send off from St. Marks. We will be sure to keep Katherine and his family in our prayers as they go through this difficult time.

I continue to be honored to serve you and look forward to our remaining time together.

In Christ Love,

Pastor Miltoria

847-477-5684 (mobile)