Message from the Pastor

Great Expectations
Evangelism November 2017
“Pastor Miltoria August 2017”
“Old Clothes”
Freed & Renewed In Christ
Resolve to Tear Some Things Down

The Name of Jesus
Time, Talent, Treasure
From The Pastor – August 2016
St. Mark’s Property & Grounds Team Are Asking For Your Help
Worship on Wednesdays (W.O.W.)
Pentecost, Confirmation, New Members and Renewed Membership
Versed in the Ways of the World, Versed in the Word of God
Reflections on Easter
Lent 2016
Faith and Fear

Your Response
Make Me A Servant
Calling all Critters!
Shake It Off and Step Up!
Faith Fatigue
Our WOW Amphitheater
Time Tax
The Masters
Don’t Give Up! Take On!

October 17th Voter’s Meeting
In Memoriam to Patty Trygar
Ushering at St. Mark’s
Olny Srmat Poelpe Can Raed
He Who Died, Heaven’s Gates to Open Wide
Easter Joy!
Temptation Can Ruin You
5th Sunday: Hymn Sing
New Year, New Practices

Do Fish Know That They are Wet?
My Politics
Life Begins at 40!
New Summer Worship Opportunity
The Bread From Heaven
Worship and Participation in the Sacraments: “Don’t be a Monkey”
Time to Build
Pathetic Theology
A Month of Special Events
Job Fare
Stewardship 2012

You Can Count On Me
Dicipleship and Mission
“Is it Finished?”
News You Can Use
Liberty and the Common Good
Under the Influence
If your way isn’t working, Try God’s way!
Our church is growing
Play, Learn and Grow Together!
Some Thoughts as You Go to the Voting Booth