Play, Learn and Grow Together!

The themes of “play, learn, and grow together” will guide the vision and scope of our ministry this Fall and beyond.  One could substitute for the modules, “play, learn and grow”, “body, mind and spirit.”  Our ministry is engaged in building a new Sunday School and administrative wing, in order that we will be better able to grow together in “body, mind and spirit”.
We are off to a very good start in our endeavor to grow together!  In the first two “joint” worship services [Sept 16 & 23], we have averaged 145 people.  One never knows the unintended consequences that accompany change, especially change in worship time and structure.  But the people of St. Mark’s have made every effort to accommodate our firm belief that some changes are necessary to grow the congregation together and we are supporting it!  Hallelujah!
This month we have a very important congregational meeting [October 21, following the 9:45 am worship].  We will receive the proposed budget for 2013, elect council members, and receive updates on the expansion project.  Please note that the constitution requires that EACH YEAR all members register their attendance at Holy Communion AND have a record of giving in order to be eligible for voice and vote at these meetings.  That current eligibility list appears on page 6 of this month’s Messenger.  If your name does not appear, please fill out a communion registration card [found in the pews] and put it in the offering plate and/or check your offering statement.  The voter eligibility list will continue to be updated through October 21st.

Join us to “Play, Learn and Grow Together” this month!


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