This banner hangs on the wall adjacent to the youth rooms in the Education Wing.  On it you will find hand-prints and/or names of young people from our congregation who as members of Testify (our youth Group) have traveled the country over the past 20 years to Youth Events. This banner will travel this month to Houston, Texas along with six students, Laura Swanson and myself for the national ELCA Youth Gathering. As we always have, we will hang this banner over the rails of the NRG Arena for all 30,000 plus attendees to see!

Testify would like to thank the congregation for the loving and generous support it has received through the church budget, special offerings, and by means of our Fund Raisers, all of which make this unforgettable faith adventure possible.  The dates of the Triennial ELCA Youth Gathering are June 27—July 1st.  We look forward to sharing our story with the congregation upon our return.  Please keep us in your prayers!