When we think of November, we Christian-Americans think of our national day of prayer, Thanksgiving. This year that theme of thanksgiving takes on a very special theme:
“In God We Trust”.

Several months ago, under the direction of the Investment Ministry Team, an artist,
Ms. Katherine Gebherdt of Kenosha, was commissioned by our church to paint a mural on the narthex wall, adjacent to the main entrance to the sanctuary. Depicted on the mural is a large tree, representing the tree of life and the life cycle of the church.  Around the tree are representations of the three expressions of St. Mark’s Lutheran Church over its 117 year history.

The purpose of the mural is to encourage and honor estate gifts to St. Mark’s which will assist the continued life of this ministry, and which give witness to our firm belief that the Lord provides for this ministry, through His faithful people…”In God We Trust!”

On Sunday, November 21st, (Christ the King Sunday, the last Sunday of the church year) this mural will be unveiled and dedicated at the 9 a.m. worship service.  On that day we will introduce to you those responsible for its creation, including the artist and the ad hoc team that conceived it. You will view a slide show that documents each step of the process in its creation, and will be invited to participate in this important stewardship program.

At the end of the church year we naturally think about “last things”. This year we will contemplate the extraordinary opportunity we have now been given to continue to contribute to the building God’s kingdom beyond the days of our life on earth.

Make plans to attend this historic event in the life of our church!