The 125th Anniversary of St. Mark’s

“Lutherans love anniversaries!”  So said one of my history professors at the seminary.  And indeed my work in parish ministry for the past 36 years confirms that what he said is true.  We love anniversaries.

Last year Lutherans around the world celebrated the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.  Thanks to our Drama, Worship and Music ministry team, we benefited from that celebration as we were reenergized by our rich Lutheran heritage.

This year we have another important anniversary to acknowledge and celebrate.  It is the 125th Anniversary of our congregation.  From humble beginnings and nothing more than a vision and passion for ministry, St. Mark’s was founded by Finnish immigrants in 1893.  Since that founding, St. Mark’s has been located in 3 different cites within the city limits of Waukegan.  The relocation of the congregation witnesses to its vitality.  We are not afraid to change when change is demanded.

To honor the legacy of our ministry, St. Mark’s is gathering a Thank Offering on Easter Sunday, April 1st.  Nothing pleases our Resurrected LORD more than a victory celebration, recognizing an energetic ministry, committed to continually “rising from the dead” as it moves forward, now to complete a second century of ministry.

Our LORD promises to be in attendance.  We hope you will too!

Happy Anniversary St. Mark’s!