The Bread From Heaven

A Preaching Series for Worship on Wednesdays

It has been a long time many of us who were confirmed may not have been confirmed in the Lutheran church.  Maybe that means it’s time for a refresher!

I have developed a preaching series on the topic of the Lord’s Supper.  I can assure you that this series will reawaken many gifts associated with the Eucharist that may have gone “dormant” within you over the years. I can tell you that this  series of sermons will also inspire you and deepen your experience with the Risen Christ who comes to us in June and July.

Worship On Wednesdays

June 1      In the Breaking of Bread      Luke 24:28-35
June 8     Jesus Was A Jew      Matthew 5:17
June 15    The Passover Seder    Luke 22:7, 14-15
June 22   Manna:  “What’s That?”   John 6:49-60
June 29   The Second Exodus    John 19:28-30
July 6       Give Us Our Daily Bread    Matthew 6:9-13
July 13      The New Moses      Matthew 1
July 20     Engaged:  A New Relationship      Jeremiah 31:31-34
July 27      Resurrected Life      Luke 17:20-

Remember to bring a blanket, a lawn chair, and an open heart with you!