The Masters

For those of you who don’t know, only one of the 4 Major Professional Golf Tournaments is held at the same course each year; that tournament is The Masters. The Masters is played at the course the great amateur Bobby Jones designed in Augusta, Georgia. This tournament is contested every year in the first full week of April. It is the first of the four majors. Because of its position on the PGA tour schedule, it often coincides with the celebration of Easter.

It just so happens that the other thing this tournament usually overlaps is my birthday. So since I was a boy, The Masters, my birthday and Easter have always been yoked together as a “hallowed trinity” celebrating the start of new life. Ever since I can remember, I’ve watched this tournament. This year I am going to it!

Through the generosity and sacrifice of my lovely wife, I have a date with The Masters on the day of my 60th birthday! I am *^#@$%$#! I can’t wait to see with my own eyes, and walk with my own feet, the rarified grounds of Augusta National. “Will the course be as I imagined it?” “Will I get near the clubhouse and the Crow’s Nest?” “Could the reality of The Masters disappoint me?” Or “Will the actual event surpass my wildest expectations?”

My guess is the later! After all, one can’t smell the Azaleas on TV, nor feel the weed-less, emerald green grass underfoot in one’s Man Cave. “What will it sound like?” {I understand that the networks pipe in the sounds of birds not native to Augusta just for effect!} “What else isn’t real?” “Will I need help finding ‘Amen Corner’?” {I pray not!}

The same commandeering feelings that associate themselves with my trip to The Masters, attach themselves to the other two events of this special week in Spring. Imagine, Easter claims that someday I will be born again! Not into this world, but into a “weed-less” redeemed world that can only exceed all expectation! Our Easter celebrations {glorious as they be} are quite like watching something on TV. “What will Resurrected Life actually be?” Of this I’m sure, God has not faked it for added effect! I can’t wait!

As I anticipate that birthday and that trip to THE MASTER, I am *^#@$%! His love and His sacrifice have also gifted me with the entrance fee and all accommodations consistent with eternal life. Imagine, The Masters, Easter, and my birthday all in one week. “What will it be like?” This I know; they are all united by the best of life and offer a real foretaste of THE FEAST to come!