Time to Build

Equal sacrifice…      Not equal gifts…

Begun under an initiative articulated by the Investment Ministry Team, St. Mark’s is currently investigating building an addition to the church. With authorization from the church council, a search team was developed consisting of all the Ministry Team chairs, the chair of the church council, and the pastor. Together they have been meeting over the summer to identify the current and future needs of all the ministry teams. This Team is currently commissioned to hire an architect who can produce a rendering of the proposed project for the congregation’s deliberation and approval. If approved, we would hope to complete the addition and re-purposing of existing space, for the 25th anniversary of the current St. Mark’s sanctuary in October 2012.

To date, the following needs have been identified and considered for this Building Project:
1. Re-purposing of the Centennial Room into a Choir Room
2. Re-purposing of the Pastor’s Office into a Bridal Room
3. Re-purposing of the secretary’s office into a Hospitality room
4. Re-purposing of the Testify Room to storage
5. Re-purposing of the North Room to worship and prayer.
6. Re-purposing of the Sacristy to include the other closet room adjacent to the alter.
7. Addition of 4 Sunday School rooms
8. Addition of 3 executive offices
9. Addition of a conference room
10. Addition of a bathroom and storage.
11. Addition of a columbarium
12. Addition of solar panels to power the church.
Watch for updates on this exciting initiative in the days ahead and how you can be involved!